Overall Schedule    

The 2017 McDonald’s® Choir Showcase is pleased to announce its fourth year in Macon, Georgia area. Join us as area gospel choirs, praise and worship teams and Christian contemporary groups from Macon and surrounding areas showcase their talent in the 2017 McDonald’s Choir Showcase. Following is the official calendar of the 2017 McDonald’s Choir Showcase in Macon, Georgia. (These dates may change if need be).

Choir registrations                                                          02/27/17 to 04/01/17
Accept MP3s                                                                  02/27/17 to 04/01/17
On-line selection process                                               04/01/17 to 04/28/17
Announcement of Showcase Finalists                           04/29/17
Frist Rehearsal                                                               05/19/17
Second Rehearsal                                                          05/26/17
Choirs perform at Wal-Mart location                            06/03/17
Choirs perform at various McDonald’s locations         06/10/17
Dress Rehearsal                                                            06/16/17
Pre-McDonald’s Choir Showcase Celebration             06/16/17
Ticket sales                                                                   03-02/17 to 06/17/17
Media interviews &PR                                                 04/01/17 to 06/17/17
Showcase Concert                                                        06/17/17
Air dates for Showcase concert                                    06/30/17 to 07/28/17
Distribute DVDS                                                          07/18/17 to 08/30/17