You Have Selected The Best of the Best
You have listened to the evidence and have made your selections for the best of the best Choir Showcase music. The nine finalists have been selected. Visit "The Music" to see who they are!

What is the McDonald's® Choir Showcase all about?
The McDonald's Choir Showcase is designed to focus public attention on the expression of faith through music and song as performed by our very talented local church choirs, praise & worship teams, and contemporary Christian groups.

The Value
Participating in the McDonald's Choir Showcase is not about competing with other churches, choirs or groups. It's also not a performance. The McDonald's Choir Showcase is however an opportunity for our finalists to share their musical gifts and talents before thousands of people by way of online exposure, media appearances, mini-concerts followed by an on-stage praise and worship experience with some of the world's most anointed national gospel recording artists.

The McDonald's Choir Showcase is also an opportunity to witness to the masses of souls you perhaps would not ordinarily have the platform to minister to through song. Lastly, it is an invaluable opportunity to shed light on the wonderful church ministry you are affiliated with.

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Music & Worship Arts Summit

How the Showcase Works
1 -- Churches within the Charleston area register their choir, praise & worship team, or contemporary Christian group as a McDonald's Choir Showcase participant using the form provided on the "Registration" page of this site.

2 -- Participation requires that the group provide the Choir Showcase Staff with an MP3 recording of their group in performance. The recording must be of an original composition and of sufficient quaility to be usable on this website in the second phase of the Choir Showcase. If the performance is not of an original composition, then the group must have the written permission of the song's copyright holder.

3 -- The second phase of the Choir Showcase's operation is when the public is asked to register on the site to listen to the recordings that have been submitted and select their favorites. Choir participants are urged to get their church membership, their families and their friends to participate in the selection process.

4 -- The nine groups across the three category that are selected as favorites the greatest number of times will then participate in various public performances, including the McDonald's Choir Showcase Concert.

Visit the "How It Works" and "Rules" pages on this site to learn more about what's involved in participation in the McDonald's Choir Showcase.

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